2021 Vestry

Those appointed and elected at the March 2021 Vestry:

Rector’s Warden: Leroy Niles
People’s Warden: Katherine Belyea
Deputy Rector’s Warden: Brent Campbell
Deputy People’s Warden: Martin Loeffler

Treasurer: Roxy Kendall

Advisory Board:
Janet Nichols (staff)
Mtr Maggie Helwig
Mtr Andrea Budgey
Deacon Elizabeth Cummings
Leroy Niles
Katherine Belyea
Brent Campbell
Martin Loeffler
Roxy Kendall
Adonica Huggins
Sarah Erik Sackville-McLaughlin
Christy Ihunaegbo
Annette Brooker
Sue Ann Elite
Esther Townshend

Delegate to Synod: Sue Ann Elite
Alternate Delegate to Synod: Katherine Belyea
Youth Delegate to Synod: √Člise Lafleur

Toronto Seed Library representative:
Katie Berger, torontoseedlibrary@gmail.com